Winter twigs and habitats on Whidbey Island

Join the Natural History Society for a walk onto the Port Townsend/Coupeville ferry on Saturday, February 17 for an outing
across the Salish Sea and a hike on Whidbey Island. Naturalist Cheryl  Lowe will lead us as we explore a diversity of habitats near Crockett  Lake and Fort Casey.

We’ll practice identifying winter twigs, get an introduction to the  DNR Admiralty Inlet Natural Area Preserve, and learn something about  the geologic history of Crockett Lake/Keystone Spit, and how it’s managed today.

There’s an active Bald Eagle nest nearby, and we should see many birds. A year ago we counted 40 species in this area, including Black Oystercatchers, Surf Scoters, Red-necked Grebes,
Ancient Murrelets, and a Northern Harrier.

Bring binoculars and field guides and prepare for whatever the weather might blow our way. RSVP to Lee at for timing, location, and details.