Herring and Birding at Fort Flagler

Join the Natural History Society on SaturdayMarch 23, for a two-part outing exploring Fort Flagler. First, Biological Technician Willie Richards will lead a late morning tour of the USGS- Marrowstone Marine Field Station. He will explain their research on Pacific Herring and the focus on disease and pathology. Willie will also tell us about some of the highlights of his experience with USGS, including field sampling in Cordova, Alaska, and capturing wild Pacific Herring in the nearby waters of Puget Sound. For background on herring:

Test your herring knowledge

Bald Eagle

After our tour of the USGS Field Station, we will eat our picnic lunches and wander a bit in Fort Flagler to look for seabirds and other birds. Naturalist and expert birder Ken Wilson will lead our birding.

RSVP to Eileen at JLTnatural@saveland.orgfor details about when and where to meet, as well as information about disinfectants required before entering the USGS Field Station.