Insects at the Illahee

Insects at the Illahee

Paddle-tailed Darner (Aeshna palmata)

Join the Natural History Society on Saturday, June 15, for a summer afternoon exploring insects at the Land Trust’s Illahee Preserve. Entomologist Richard Lewis will lead us on a short hike to look in open space, clearings, forest edges, the forest, and aquatic environments.

Tribe Chironomini
A member of Non-biting Midges Family Chironomidae

Richard will tell us about insects and their role in the natural world. He will discuss different types of insects we find here and their life histories and roles in nature. Richard will introduce a variety of sampling techniques including sweep nets, aerial nets, aquatic nets, traps, and beat trays. In each area we will also look for and discuss evidence of insects such as feeding damage, nests, tracks, and prey.

Harpaphe haydeniana (Yellow-spotted millipede)

RSVP to Nan at for meeting time and place, what to bring, and additional information.