September-October 2019 Book Selection

The Jefferson Land Trust Natural History Society book club will read Wintergreen by Robert Pyle in September.  In order to take advantage of the author being in Port Townsend and agreeing to join us, we will discuss the book on Monday, October 7, from 3:30 – 5:00. Let’s congregate at the parking lot across from San Juan Taqueria (at corner of Hwy 19 and Prospect) at 3:15, so we can carpool to the nearby Ilahee Preserve.


Naturalist, scientist, and poet Robert Pyle describes the land, animals, plants, and people of the Willapa Hills area of southwest Washington State.  In spite of the obvious disruption caused by widespread logging, Pyle moved to the little town of Gray’s River, Washington, in the 1970s and continued his career as a writer and naturalist.  His explorations of the area are recounted in Wintergreen, winner of the 1987 John Burroughs Medal for the best natural history book of the year.  Although originally written in the 1980s and republished with a new preface in 1996, the well-written book has valuable insights and lessons for today.