February 2023 Book Club Selections


February 27, 2023.  The End of Ice: bearing witness and finding meaning in the path of climate disruption by Dahr Jamail.   Discussion led by Linda Rhines.

March 27.  Earth’s Wild Music by Kathleen Dean Moore.  Discussion led by Dave Rugh.


April 24.  The Inner Life of Animals: love, grief, and compassion—surprising observations of a hidden world by Peter Wohlleben.  Discussion led by Andrea Woods.


May 22.  An Immense World: how animal senses reveal the hidden realms around us by Ed Yong.  Discussion led by Wendy Feltham.


June 26.  The Mind of a Bee by Lars Chittka.  Discussion led by Jackie Canterbury.


July 24.  Natural History: Stories by Andrea Barrett.  Discussion leader needed  


August 28.  A Natural History of the Future: what the laws of biology tell us about the destiny of the human future by Rob Dunn.  Discussion led by Peter Guerrero.


September 25.  I Sing the Salmon Home: poems about salmon by Washington State poets, edited by Washington poet laureate Rena Priest.  To be published in April.  Discussion led by Holly Hughes.